Skinny Sips for Summer

Sun, sandals, swimsuits.. the list of things we love about summer could go on and on forever! In our family, Sundays are reserved for family time. We mix it up and do different things depending on the time of year and weather but in summer you’ll generally find us by the pool; and who doesn’t want to enjoy a nice drink while you’re relaxing?! I know I sure do, but why do they all have to be packed with calories and sugar when you’re trying to live a little better..? Read more

Fun Valentines Breakfast

So.. I always go a little crazy with holiday themed things for my kids. I think Valentines is a little ridiculous, why show your special someone you only love them ONE day a year? Regardless, I still get my kids (and hubby) gifts and make their food holiday themed, because it’sjust fun and I believe the little memories mean the most! Read more

Broiled Brussel Sprouts

How many of you hate brussel sprouts?? I know I used to DESPISE them, until I figured out how to cook them the right way! I had only ever had them boiled… They were soggy, slimy little green stink balls. (Yuck!) I was feeling daring one day while at the grocery store and decided I was going to give them another chance. That night I pulled them out knowing I would do anything BUT boil them! Staring at these little green balls it hit me, I was going to broil them! Read more