Skinny Sips for Summer

Sun, sandals, swimsuits.. the list of things we love about summer could go on and on forever! In our family, Sundays are reserved for family time. We mix it up and do different things depending on the time of year and weather but in summer you’ll generally find us by the pool; and who doesn’t want to enjoy a nice drink while you’re relaxing?! I know I sure do, but why do they all have to be packed with calories and sugar when you’re trying to live a little better..?

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I tend to stick with drinks that aren’t very sweet. I personally can’t handle super sweet anything.. especially overly sweet drinks.. ick! I’m more of a sour person with the exception of chocolate. We all have our go-to drinks, mine include the Mojito (click for printable recipe), a mixture of vodka, sparkling water, and fruit or I’ll mix vodka/rum with a Sparkling Ice drink. (Malibu Rum and the Cherry Limeade Sparkling Ice is delish!)

I’ve done the research for you and found some really great drink recipes! I can’t wait for the poolside summer days to try out the Paloma, it’s a Mexican cocktail with grapefruit and tequila.. uhm, yes please!! The hubby loves extra-super-hella spicy Bloody Marys (I mean so hot he’s sweating while drinking it!). So, I came across this Sriracha + Wasabi Bloody Mary recipe but I doubt it’ll be burn your face off spicy if you’re brave enough to try it! If you happen to be a watermelon loving margarita mamma I found the best of both worlds for you, check out this Watermelon Margarita.. You’re welcome! If none of those fit your fancy this article 60 Healthier Drinks for Boozing has a ton, okay only sixty but that’s still a lot of healthier drink ideas! Hope these will help ya’ll stay on track this summer!



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