Top 5 Food Tips & Mistakes

Top 5 Tips:

# 1. You’ve heard this one a million times… Water, water, water! You were always told to drink eight, eight ounce glasses of water a day. I stick to the drink half your body weight in ounces rule. (Do I always drink that much… no, but I try!) Eight, eight ounce glasses = 64 ounces,  someone that weighs 125 pounds needs to drink roughly 62 ounces a day, which works for the eight, eight ounce glass rule. The only problem with that is not everyone weighs 125 pounds! For instance, someone that weighs 200 pounds needs to drink 100 ounces a day. (not including extra water for what’s expended during a workout or if its hot outside) If everyone followed the 8:8 rule anyone over 125 lbs would be dehydrated! If you have a hard time keeping track of your water intake (like me) check out this Zak! HydraTrak water bottle, it’s helped me SO much!

# 2. You’ll love this one.. Eat carbs!! Now for the bad news, get your carbs from foods like brown rice and oatmeal rather than rolls and potatoes. Carbs are essential for energy, they’re your main source!

# 3. Stick to eating chicken, fish, and turkey they are generally on every menu and the best lean meats.

# 4. Avoid sauces at all cost! They are calorie dense and usually high in fat and sugar..

# 5. Be picky! My friends are always making fun of me because I’m that person with the obnoxiously specific order everywhere we go! If you’re paying for it you should be getting it the way you want right?


Top 5 Mistakes:

#1. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT skip breakfast! Eating within thirty minutes of getting up jump starts your metabolism, fuels your body for the day and can help curb cravings.

# 2. Fad dieting, there are no and never will be any “quick fixes” to losing weight. You’ll end up packing on more pounds than you will ever lose jumping from diet to diet. I really hate the term diet, it’s a dreaded word that has such a negative connotation connected to it when in reality the word diet means the kinds of foods that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. So whether you eat healthy or eat fried greasy food from a bag everyday that’s your “diet”. It’s not restricting yourself to smaller portions of food or special kinds of foods that we’ve all become accustom to thinking it does.

# 3. Not consuming enough calories, so many people think if they don’t eat they’ll lose weight because they aren’t taking in as many calories. First of all this ruins your metabolism; not eating makes your body think it’s starving and in turn your metabolism shuts down. Second, it causes your body to literally eat itself (eww); starting with the muscles because they are the most nutrient. It ignores fat because its necessary for your bodies survival to insulate organs and if that’s not bad enough, when you do eat the necessary amount of calories, your body will pack on the pounds to get itself ready for another period of starvation…

# 4. Eating too much protein and not enough carbs. Eating all protein doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to build muscle. You have to eat carbs to maintain the energy it takes to work hard enough to breakdown muscle, THEN protein for recovery and repair. You cannot cut out carbs completely!

# 5. Your not eating before workouts – tisk, tisk! Again, your body needs fuel to accomplish a workout. Eat a banana or something high in complex carbs and low in fat (do this after workouts too, but incorporate protein!)


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