Fun Valentines Breakfast

So.. I always go a little crazy with holiday themed things for my kids. I think Valentines is a little ridiculous, why show your special someone you only love them ONE day a year? Regardless, I still get my kids (and hubby) gifts and make their food holiday themed, because it’sjust fun and I believe the little memories mean the most!

My original though was to make heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes. That was until I realized I don’t have a heart shaped cookie cutter.. How is it I have almost every shape possible except a heart?! However, I did find an X and O so hugs and kisses it was!

I was actually really excited about the way the X’s and O’s turned out. They’re super fun and a little more original than just a plain ol’ heart shape!

I used Bisquick for the pancake batter (I like their batter the best and I’m too lazy to make my own..) and added some mini chocolate chips. Let them cool a couple minutes before cutting out your shapes. I didn’t and I had a melted chocolaty mess! To add a healthy element I added blueberries and cut some strawberries into heart shapes, to do this you simply cut a V shape directly under the stem and slice them longways (easy right!). There it is my super simple fun Valentines Day breakfast.

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