Healthy Road Trip Travel Tips

Trying to stay healthy while traveling… Let’s just say the struggle is real (especially with babies!), but a little planning goes a looong way! The hubby’s work has us traveling a lot lately for trainings and we can only eat out so much before we are just over it. Through much trial and error I’ve figured out what works for our family when it comes to road trips and hotel living. While these tips may not work for everyone because we all travel differently I hope you find them helpful! 

Let’s start out with the pre-travel plans.. When you’re booking your hotel make sure you get a room that has a mini fridge and microwave. At least try to get a room with a fridge, if neither of them are an option you can always take your cooler and add new ice every couple of hours to keep things cold.

When we travel we usually pack breakfast or partake in the continental breakfast provided by the hotel (they usually have some good options like eggs, oatmeal, or fruit), lunch, snacks, and go out for dinner at restaurants we don’t get to go to often. Most restaurants these days have a lighter side section of the menu, those are always the better choice! Whenever you’re eating out here are a couple guidelines to follow;

–Choose lean meats (turkey, chicken, or fish)–

–If you order a salad ALWAYS get the dressing on the side–

–Choose tomato or broth based soups over cream based–

–Avoid descriptive words like smothered, crispy, fried, and creamy–

–Substitute fries for veggies, fruit, or a baked potato–

I’m not a big breakfast person but have to eat something to get the metabolism going so I pack things like instant oatmeal, cereal, muffins, or fruit. If you can you want to eat a big breakfast so you aren’t starving an hour later.. No one wants to be hangry! For lunch I stick to the “KISS” rule, Keep It Simple Stupid by packing stuff for sandwiches or Birds Eye Lentil Pasta’s. They’re fairly new and come in a couple different flavors (alfredo, cheddar, marinara, and original), the best part.. they are ready in under five minutes in the micro! I eat these a lot at home for lunch because I’m busy with babies and they’re quick! (I prefer the Alfredo one, but they’re all good)

When it comes to packing snacks you want to pack easy to eat nutritious things, that kids want to eat. (If you have them) Below is a list of things I usually pack for our trips.

Snacks to pack in cooler/snack bag: 

string cheese


pre-made fruit bags

Jovy fruit roll

applesauce pouches


single serve hummus

pita chips

granola bars

hard boiled eggs

turkey jerky

juice boxes


Hope this helps you on you’re next trip. Now I’m going to go enjoy mine!

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